Can I use the HHM codebook?

Yes. It is free to use by all, researchers and students alike. The  manual is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, which grants all users the right to use, copy and share the manual. Just remember to cite the manual correctly in your work.

Do I need a permission to use the HHM codebook?

No, you can start using it immediately. Ready-made data templates are available in SPSS and CSV formats. It would be great if you joined the HHM network, when you have collected some data.

Where can I download the manual and templates?

The manual and coding templates are available to download from HELDA, the Digital Repository of the University of Helsinki: https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/313437.

If I use the HHM codebook, must I code in all its variables?

No. You can choose any part of the variables based on your research question.

Can I change the variable names?

This is not advised. Identical variable names give you the possibility to merge data with other codebook users.

Can I change the variable values?

This is not advised. If you change the variable values, you lose the possibility to merge and compare your data with other codebook users.

Can I add variables of my own when I use the HHM codebook?

Yes. Maybe you also wish to share your new variables with other users? In that case, contact the HHM SC and inform about your innovations. They can be so good that we incorporate them to the HHM or the associated ”bank” of variables.

What software do I need to use the HHM codebook?

Any software you can use to organize numerical information with variables and observation units. Currently the HHMD is in IBM SPSS format, but it is easy to change it into other formats.

Are there any ethical considerations I need to be aware of?

When using the HHM codebook in analyzing homicide, you must always take care to follow the legal and ethical regulation of the research site. Be particularly careful if you analyze recent time periods, because then offenders or victims’ relatives can be alive.

Can I use the HHMD?

HHMD is regulated by the SC of the HHM network and limited to network members. See the sub-page “Contact” for inquiries.