The full list of panels’ timetables and venues can be found as a pdf (List of panel’s timetables).


Panels in English:

Rendering Culture: New Openings in the Micro-Practices of Ethnography Chairs: Tom O’Dell & Robert Willim

Anna Haverinen: “We can never know if she’s really dead” – on the complexity of grief and avatar relationships in an online role-playing group

Laura Hirvi: “Ethnographic Layering”: The Micro-Practices of Gathering Data in an Online World

Harri Nyman: X + Y = ? Ethnology and Art, Together They Are More

Tom O’Dell & Robert Willim: Rendering Culture and Multi-Targeted Ethnography in Applied Contexts

Anna Rastas: Towards More Inclusive Approaches In Research On Diasporas


The Concept of Multimodality as a Tool for Analysis Chairs: Jyrki Pöysä & Tytti Steel

Tuomo Hiippala: A brief introduction to multimodality

Ester Bardone & Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch: Re-considering Performance in Ethnographic Research Multimodal Reflections

Pirjo Nenola: Multimodality in the Choral Field

Kari Korolainen: Piirrokset ja etnografia. Etnometodologinen näkökulma perinnetieteellisiin kuvauksiin