The aim of this blog is to inform Plant Biology students of scientific advances, current debates about ethics, open-access, repeatable research, teaching approaches,¬†study and exchange opportunities, thesis opportunities and research-work practice possibilities. In fact any subject that can be of interest to Plant Biology students is allowed. We need to think how to handle very short lived announcements…

I have written the first few posts in English, but of course, posts and comments in Finnish and Swedish, are welcome. When writing a post take into consideration the language used by the expected audience and try to make sure that all members of your audience will be able to read your contribution. If needed write more than one language version of your post.

The intention is that posts will be short (at least the part displayed on the front page), and/or include links and a short description of the linked resource. Blog posts will be moderated.

In many ways this is an experiment, and we hope that students, researchers and teachers will all contribute by giving feedback on how we can best use the blog, and also by writing posts.

If would like to get rights to write posts, please, send me your HU username (not the e-mail address, and of course, no password, just the name that you use to login).

For technical matters contact Pedro Aphalo, for help on using WordPress and blogging in general please contact Vilma Lehtinen using the forms.



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