How do I get advice on my studies?

You can, and should, always contact your main subject’s study advisor when you have questions about your studies. We are available not only for helping with formalities and bureaucracy, but also for advising about everything else related to your studies. In some cases we will simply advice you to contact some other person, but in most cases we should be able to help. We are frequently asked advice on courses, and study planning, but we are also available for discussing any other problems related to your studies, ranging from coping with stress, getting funding, finding effective ways of studying and learning, understanding how studying at a research-centred university differs from studying at technical school, what is expected of a thesis, finding thesis subjects that you are excited about, finding supervisors, discussing and helping solve any disagreements and/or communication problems you may have with your supervisors or with teachers. All this, of course, in confidence.

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