Upcoming event: NORNDiP Conference

The Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics, NORNDiP, was created in 2017. The organization aims to “establish a strong, wide, and inclusive network of women and men in physics and related sciences, who live, work, study or have scientific collaborations within the Nordic countries, in order to increase awareness on important topics such as equality, gender balance, and diversity and decrease the gap at all levels between male and female scientists.”

The network will have its first large-scale event, the first annual NORNDiP conference on diversity in physics on October 24-25 at the Albanova Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference will feature a mix of scientific talks, talks on topics related to diversity, and a phenomenal panel discussion. Everyone is very welcome!

You can find the conference details and registration information at: https://norndip.com/nordip-conference-2018/

500 Women Scientists – Helsinki Pod inaugural meeting

500 Women Scientists is an international network of women in STEM and their supporters, with a mission to serve society by making science open, inclusive and accessible.  These goals are achieved by:
– Empowering women to grow to their full potential in science;
– Increasing scientific literacy through public engagement;
– Advocating for science and equality.

The network is made up of local associations called “pods”.  The inaugural meeting of the Helsinki Pod of 500 Women Scientists was held at Tiedekulma on June 12th.  Half of the 13 already-registered members of the pod were in attendance.  It was a lively meeting with good spirits all around!  After short introductions, the members agreed on a first action item that aligns very closely with the goals of the organization.  In order to enhance the visibility of women specialists in media, the pod is preparing a press contact package with information and contact details of local women scientists and distributing it to newspapers, radio, television and other media outlets in in the Helsinki area.  The members also agreed to conduct all pod business in English, to maximise accessibility and to best complement other ressources and networks in Helsinki.

You can reach the Helsinki Pod of 500 Women Scientists on Twitter: @500WSHelsinki or by email at: 500WomenSciHki (at) gmail

You can sign up as an expert or request a scientist communicator for your activities at: https://500womenscientists.org/request-a-scientist/


Minna Canth for Equality -event will be held on 19th March at 13.15-16.00 at the University of Helsinki, Main Building, Runeberg-hall. The organizers are the Helsinki Association of Women Researchers and the Equality Committee of the University of Helsinki. Programme includes for example an address from Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä and the results of Sexual harassment in universities Inquiry. Welcome!

Registration: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/86869/lomake.html

More information on Flamma: https://flamma.helsinki.fi/portal/home/sisalto?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=content_view&_nfls=true&placeId=HY274403&contentId=HY371782

100 Acts for Gender Equality

The event “100 Acts for Gender Equality” was part of the official program of the centenary of Finland’s independence, Suomi 2017.  It was held in the great hall of the University of Helsinki (Aleksanterinkatu 5) on November 10th, 2017. Pictures from the event “here

The contribution of the Equality Committee of the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki Association of Women Researchers: discussion about equality work by Hanna Vehkamäki and Päivi Salmesvuori, presented by Unitube is “here”.




KumpulaNOW talks on International Women’s Day: Deep within the Earth and skies so high

An event looking at the first 100 years of Finnish women in science and also picturing the future. Speakers include Esko Ukkonen, Eva Isaksson, Emilia Kilpua and Emilia Koivisto, researchers and specialists, as well as Director Marjukka Virkki from ABB Oy.  Coffee and cake will be served.

Wednesday 8.3.2017 at 13.15-15
Chemicum, auditorium A129, A. I. Virtasen aukio 1

Everybody is most welcome!

Deep within the Earth and skies so high will also be streamed online: https://www.helsinki.fi/fi/unitube/video/20588 .

The event is part of series of science themes for 2017 at the University of Helsinki, when the country of Finland is celebrating its centenary year, as well. It is arranged by the Network of Women in Science at Kumpula Campus and Faculty of Science.