Upcoming event: NORNDiP Conference

The Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics, NORNDiP, was created in 2017. The organization aims to “establish a strong, wide, and inclusive network of women and men in physics and related sciences, who live, work, study or have scientific collaborations within the Nordic countries, in order to increase awareness on important topics such as equality, gender balance, and diversity and decrease the gap at all levels between male and female scientists.”

The network will have its first large-scale event, the first annual NORNDiP conference on diversity in physics on October 24-25 at the Albanova Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference will feature a mix of scientific talks, talks on topics related to diversity, and a phenomenal panel discussion. Everyone is very welcome!

You can find the conference details and registration information at: https://norndip.com/nordip-conference-2018/

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