Colleagues from all genders – take part in the Global Contact Gender Scan 2021!

Some time ago, Global Contact contacted our Kumpula Campus Women in Science Network and invited us as their partner in the data collection for the Gender Scan 2021. Over the past years, Global Contact has done several regular global surveys about gender in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Global Contact is a French consulting company that works closely with EU although their Gender Scan covers countries from all over the world. The financial support for the Gender Scan comes from sponsors such as private enterprises (e.g. Orange, a large French telecommunications company).

The last Gender Scan 2019 gathered about 15000 responses from about 130 countries from around the world (the 2019 report is available in French). The Gender Scan 2016 was published also as a book: Schmuck, Claudine. Women in STEM Disciplines. Springer, 2017.

Previous Gender Scans have not included Finnish partner organisations. But, this year – there we are! Since our Women in Kumpula is an unofficial network, officially we are represented by Diversity in Physics Finland with Helsinki Association of Women Researchers. Another partner from Finland is Finnish Federation of Graduate Women.

The online Gender Scan survey is modular, and depending how many separate modules you choose to answer, the entire survey takes some 10-40 minutes to go through. In order to maintain the anonymity of the answers, the partners will get extraction of their own data only if there are enough answers to enable statistical exploitation, i.e. more than 200 answers for each module of the survey.

Note that in the beginning of the survey in “Describe yourself” you will be asked, “Are you answering to this survey following the suggestion of a partner of Gender Scan”. There, from the list you may choose “Diversity in Physics Finland with Helsinki Association of Women Researchers”.

Colleagues from all the genders, disciplines, career stages, professions: please participate in the Gender Scan 2021! Pass the message to your friends and colleagues, too! You will find the survey HERE: .

(I answered the survey fluently using Chrome, although Firefox and Explorer should work, too.)

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