Updated Fall Program

Today, we had our first meeting of the fall in Porthania, with nearly two dozen people in attendance. The format of the fall is to have a combination of manuscripts from ongoing research projects as well as discussion texts such as interesting, irritating, stimulating and exciting recent works on legal anthropology. The following preliminary program was agreed upon and each session will have either one or two items of discussion:

8.10. we will have 1) a discussion on the conflicting intellectual legacy of legal anthropology on the basis of a classic (the Introduction on Sally Falk Moore’s Law as Process), then 2) Sonal Makhija will present her article draft on the traditional courts in India.

29.10. Two article manuscripts will be on the agenda: 1)¬†Freek van der Vet:¬†“Finding Justice in Europe: Russian NGO litigation before the European Court of Human Rights on Torture, Disappearances, and Discrimination”, 2) Sanna Mustasaari: “Wives and Mothers or Children with Children? Rights, Relationships, and Belonging in Transnational Families”

19.11. Discussion on culture, rights and traditions inspired by Sally Engle Merry, based on two texts, the first is her 1988 article Legal Pluralism, the second is a recent article on female inheritance in Hong Kong. Enjoy!

10.12. Kaius Tuori will present his ongoing work on the history of legal anthropology.


Due to obvious reasons, texts are distributed via the colloquium moodle site. They will be available roughly one week before each session. To get access, one needs to contact Susanne Dahlgren to be included in the list. If you have signed up on WebOodi, you will be added automatically. The moodle site is now up and running and papers are distributed there.

The meetings are during the fall at the Porthania 5th floor coffee room between 16:15-17:45.


PS: This post will be continually updated for more information. Last updated 18.11.2013.