Our aim is to add a linguistic perspective to discussions of sustainability, and more generally, strengthen the inclusion of linguistics and language studies in sustainability studies. For this end, we ask:

    • In what ways do the various branches of linguistics contribute to sustainability?
    • What methodological and professional practices are needed for sustainable linguistic scholarship?

Workshop series

Three workshops are organised with focus on the following questions:

    1. What does sustainability mean for linguistics? Using insights from other fields, we will explore different meanings of the concept for language studies. (Roskilde, May 2022)
    2. What kind of advances in cultural and linguistic sustainability and well-being among linguistic minorities have been reached in the Nordic region? With participation of scholars and practitioners in language education research and minoritized language technology. (Umeå, January 2023)
    3. What are the theories and methods in sustainable linguistics? It will focus on sustainable ways of doing research that meet the interests of the language speakers, their communities, and the research communities. (Helsinki, August 2023)

How to participate?

The workshops are aimed at researchers and civil society actors, and they discuss both theoretical approaches and practical examples. If you are interested in participating, please contact the local organiser of each workshop.


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