1. Interdisciplinary understandings

Interdisciplinary understandings of sustainability in and for linguistics

May 23–24, 2022 at Roskilde University, Denmark
Local organizer: Carsten Levisen


Keynote talks




Towards the Sustainability of Languages and of Linguistics

Felix Ameka
Professor of Ethnolinguistic Vitality
Leiden University



Sustainable Linguistics:
Inclusion, collaboration and making our field a safer place

Celeste Rodríguez Louro
Senior Lecturer and Australian Research Council Fellow in Linguistics
The University of Western Australia



On Ethics and Engagements:
How sustainable are fieldwork methods in the study of minoritized languages?

Reetta Toivanen
Professor of Sustainability Science (indigenous sustainabilities)
University of Helsinki

This workshop explores the concept of sustainability, from a language-centered, interdisciplinary perspective. Inviting linguists to join forces with sustainability scientists, the focus of the workshop revolves around two central questions:

    • In what ways can insights from linguistics contribute to sustainability?
    • In what ways do understandings of sustainability and sustainable living challenge current linguistic thought?

The complexity of words, metaphors, and linguistic worldviews that exist in the Nordics offer perspectives on the entanglements between people, nature, and life, and provide a Nordic perspective on expert understandings of sustainability. These perspectives guide us towards a concept of sustainability that is maximally relevant for the Nordics.

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