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Professor Juha Lavapuro

Juha Lavapuro has published extensively on subjects such as constitutional review and dialogue, rights and constitutional managerialism. Lavapuro’s current research project “Rights, Information and Security” will analyze the architecture and anti- constitutional implications of the new security constitutionalism that emerged in the aftermath of 9/11. The project was started as Finnish Academy’s postdoctoral research grant in August 2012 but is now implemented under the position of associate professor at the University of Tampere. He worked as research fellow at the EUI on 2013. He is as an expert in the Finnish team of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s multidisciplinary research network FRANET. He has been the editor-in-chief of the national peer-reviewed law review Oikeus, a member of the boards of the Finnish League for Human Rights, Finnish Association of Constitutional Law, and a deputy member of the National Discrimination Tribunal of Finland. More info…

Johannes Heikkonen, Doctoral candidate

More info…

Vasiliki Koniakou, Doctoral candidate

Maria Macocinschi, Doctoral candidate

Niklas Vainio, Docotral candidate


Jukka Viljanen, Adjunkt Professor

Jukka Viljanen is an adjunct professor of human rights law at the University of Tampere. His PhD thesis concerned the European Convention on Human Rights (Viljanen 2003) His latest research interests have focused on human rights dialogue within Europe. In 2007-2009 he carried out a post-doctoral project called Transformation of the European Court of Human Rights. Towards the Status of the Constitutional Court of Europe, funded by the Academy of Finland. He has published extensively on the general doctrines of European Court of Human Rights. More info…

Pauli Rautiainen, Doctor of Laws

Pauli Rautiainen obtained his doctorate in public law at University of Tampere (2012). His main area of expertise is constitutional law and the general doctrines of human and constitutional rights law. His article on the consensus principle European court of Human Rights won the Lakimies-journal’s award of the best article by a young scholar in 2012. Rautiainen has completed an external review of Finnish National Human Rights Action Plan (written jointly with Jukka Viljanen, Heta Heiskanen and Tarja Seppä). Rautiainen’s current research focus is on human rights indicators. More info…

Anna Hyvärinen, Doctoral Candidate





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