About me

I am a Scholar of Ancient Near Eastern Religions, a High School Teacher in Religion and History and a Freelance Photographer from Helsinki, Finland. I am currently working as a Doctoral Student in the Center of Excellence: “Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions” in the University of Helsinki, and on a study leave from my Teacher’s work.

The idea of this website is to write about my attempt to combine these three different areas: Research, teaching and photography. It is not an entirely easy task. At least teaching in Finnish high school level has taken all of my time so comprehensively during the last years that there hasn’t really been time for the research work. Now that I have been so lucky that I have got the PhD Candidate position for the next three years, my dream about these three areas of work have regenerated from the ashes again.

Photography has been my passion for many years already, and I think that that’s also the way I want it to stay. Working as a part-time photographer is the way to keep the passion for photography. I think that if I would work as a whole-time photographer, it would probably feel to stressful and kill the passion soon.

Please find more information about me and my work on the other pages of this website.