Finns in Wittenberg

A number of Finnish scholars are currently participating the 13th International Congress for Luther Research in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany. Today, (August 1st 2017) Dr. Kärkkäinen delivered one of the plenary lectures.

Tomorrow several Finnish scholars give short papers on their research topics: Ilmari Karimies, “The Influence of Augustinian Platonism on Luther’s Understanding of Faith and Reality between 1513 and 1521” (Section 2); Sini Mikkola, “Martin Luther’s Anthropology 1520-1530: Bodiliness as the Basis of the Gender System” (Section 5); Antti Raunio, “Luther on Christian Unanimity” (S. 5); Eriikka Jankko, “Luther and Children – Conceptual Distinctions” (S. 5); Jukka Kääriäinen, “Luther’s theology missiological deficiency?” (S. 8) and Paulos Huang, “Chinese Contextual Righteousness in the Light of Luther” (S. 10).

Among the Finns, Karimies, Risto Saarinen and Kirsi Stjerna have been leading seminars, and many Finnish scholars have been involved in Oxford Reseach Encyclopedia on Martin Luther, also discussed among short presentations tomorrow.

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