Sini Mikkola on Luther, Gender and Bodiliness

A new perspective on Luther’s antropology will be opened, as Sini Mikkola defends a doctoral thesis ‘In Our Body the Scripture Becomes Fulfilled’ : Gendered Bodiliness and the Making of the Gender System in Martin Luther’s Anthropology (1520–1530). The defense takes place December 16th in the Faculty of Theology (University of Helsinki).

From the abstract:

The study first asks how gendered bodiliness was treated in Luther’s discussions on femininity and masculinity, and, consequently, in what way he constructed proper feminine and masculine ways of being and developed the gender system. Under scrutiny are the ideals, norms, and expectations that he framed on the grounds of the gendered body. Thirdly, it is asked whether Luther’s views varied according to historical and textual context, and especially if there are differences between his views of female and male ways of being that are presented in theory, on the one hand, and in practical situations, on the other.

Associate Professor Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen from Århus University will serve as opponent. Thesis is available as pdf-file here:

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