This section contains relevant publications and presentations at international conferences by the people involved with the Mara Project.

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Talks and presentations

Aunio, Lotta – Syllable weight and tone in Mara Bantu langauges, 10.2.2018 (Fonologi i Norden 2018, Lund)

Roth, Tim – Evidentiality in Ikoma-Nata-Isenye, a Bantu language of Tanzania, 23–25.8.2017 (The Expression of Knowledge: Epistemicity and Beyond, Helsinki)

Roth, Tim – Aspect and Verbal Semantics in Ikoma/Ngoreme Biblical Corpora, 3.6.2017 (Semantics of Verbal Morphology in Under-described Languages, Gothenburg)

Roth, Tim – Aspect-prominence in Western Serengeti, 20-23.6.2016 (6th
International Conference on Bantu Languages, Helsinki)