Selected Publications


Marjaana Jauhola (2022) ”Visual Methodologies: Theorizing Disasters and IR” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. Oxford University Press.


Jauhola, Marjaana, Niti Mishra, Jacquleen Joseph & Shyam Gadhavi (2021) “Disaster and Recovery (after Catastrophes)” in Situating Sustainability: A Handbook of Contexts and Concepts, Parker Krieg and Reetta Toivanen (eds), Helsinki University Press.

Joseph, Jacquleen, Jauhola Marjaana, Lavanya Shanbhogue Arvind & Shyam Gadhavi (2021) “Wounded Attachments to Disaster Recovery: Gendered Structural Violence and Everyday life, Indian Experiences Explored”, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 59(1).

Meriläinen, Eija, Jacquleen Joseph, Marjaana Jauhola, Punam Yadav, Eila Romo-Murphy, Juliette Marin, and Shyam Gadhavi (2021) “Examining Relational Social Ontologies of Disaster Resilience: Lived Experiences from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Chile, and Andean Territories.”, Disaster Prevention and Management 31(3): 273-287.

Vardhani, Vishnu Rajan, Shyam Gadhavi & Marjaana Jauhola (2021) “Co-Creation Through Quilting: Connected Entanglements and Disruptions With Care” in Arts-Based Methods for Decolonising Participatory Research, Tiina Seppälä, Melanie Sarantou, Satu Miettinen (eds.), Routledge.


Jauhola, Marjaana (2020). Scraps of Hope in Banda Aceh: Gendered Urban Politics in the Aceh Peace Process. Helsinki University Press. (media embedded OA monograph)

Lyytikäinen, Minna, Punam Yadav, Annick Wibben, Marjaana Jauhola & Catia Confortini  (2020) “Unruly Wives in the Household: Toward Feminist Genealogies for Peace Research”, Cooperation & Conflict.

Jauhola, Marjaana and Gadhavi Shyam (2020)”Waiting for Corona/ કો કોરોના અચેતો? COVID-19 lockdown experiences in Kachchh district, Gujarat, India”, video.

Waiting for Corona in India with Marjaana Jauhola and Shyam Gadhavi, The Nordic Asia Podcast, podcast series co-hosted by Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) in Copenhagen and Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Turku.

Lyytikäinen, Minna & Marjaana Jauhola (2020) “Best Practices Diplomacy and Feminist Killjoys in the Strategic State: Exploring Affective Politics in Women, Peace and Security” in Soumita Basu, Paul Kirby & Laura Shepherd (eds.) New Directions of Women, Peace and Security, Bristol University Press

Jauhola, Marjaana & Minna Lyytikäinen (2020) “Kutistettu feminismi? Suome ulkosuhteiden tasa-arvopolitiikka kylmän sodan YK-feminismistä 2010-luvun tolkkutasa-arvoon”, in Johanna Kantola, Paula Koskinen Sandberg & Hanna Ylöstalo (eds.): Tasa-arvopolitiikan suunnanmuutoksia: talouskriisistä tasa-arvon kriiseihin. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.


Gadhavi, Shyam & Marjaana Jauhola (2019) “From Hangami (Temporary) to Permanent Lives: Creating Space for Urban Life Historical Approach in the Aftermath of an Earthquake“, digital av-publication, presented at HELSUS Workshop: Beyond Disaster Recovery: Cascading Risks and Wellbeing in the Age of Climate Change – HELSUS Hub Lounge, Helsinki, Finland, 15-16 October 2019

Jauhola, Marjaana (2019) “Pengantar “Scraps of Hope” Project: Generasi Baru dari Penulisan Kreatif” in Djohar, Zubaidah (ed.) Dalam Keriput yang Tak Usang; SUARA PEMUDA DAN JALAN PANJANG PERDAMAIAN ACEH, Lhokseumawe: UNIMAL Press.


“Do not be angry” (video 03:19, offline screenings only)

“Peace Generations – Generasi-Generasi Damai” (video 09:55)

Jauhola, Marjaana (2018) “Visual Ethnographic Encounters and Silence in Post-Conflict Banda Aceh” in Rivas, Althea-Maria and Ciarán Browne, Brendan (eds.) Experiences in Researching Conflict and Violence: Fieldwork Interrupted. Bristol: Policy Press, 179-183.


Jauhola, Marjaana (2017) “Helsingin rauhanneuvottelujen toiset kasvot – acehilaiset naiset haastavat katsomaan rauhaa toisin”, teoksessa Rauhan haaveita: WILPF Suomi 90 vuotta, Arja Laine (toim.), WILPF, Suomen osasto ry., 25-28.

Donaghey, Jim & Jauhola, Marjaana (2017) ‘Researching “Punk Indonesia”’ – interview with Marjaana Jauhola by Jim Donaghey for the special issue “Researching Punk Indonesia”

Jauhola, Marjaana and Bolong, Yudi (2017) “ACAB. Studying up the rule of law in Banda Aceh, Indonesia”, Punk & Post Punk 6(2), 213-32, Special issue ‘Punk Indonesia’.

Jauhola, Marjaana and Särmä Saara (2017) “Reflecting Realities and Creating Utopias: Early Career Feminists (Un)Doing International Relations in Finland” in Thwaites, Rachel and Godoy-Pressland, Amy (eds.) Being an Early Career Feminist Academic: Global Perspectives, Experiences and Challenges . Palgrave, 141-165.

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