About Me

I’m a University Researcher at the space physics group, University of Helsinki, Finland. My current research topics include terascale simulations of ion-kinetic plasma physics the Earth’s magnetosphere and bow shock, focusing on particle injection and acceleration in addition to foreshock physics. I am one of the main code developers for Vlasiator and am the author of the eVlasiator electron model, now leading our project in GPU acceleration. In the past I have been involved in research on the acceleration, propagation, and detection of Solar Energetic Particles. I’m most interested in researching new ways to investigate plasma physics phenomena through computational physics.

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My primary non-academic hobby is scuba diving, including technical diving to Baltic sea wrecks and cave diving both in natural caves (Mexico, Florida) and flooded mines in the Nordics.

Contact information

name: Markus Battarbee
e-mail: markus.battarbee (at) helsinki.fi
Address: Department of Physics, University of Helsinki
PL 64, 00014 Helsingin Yliopisto, FINLAND