You can find information related to courses and studies in forest resource management and geoinformatics in the Forest Science study programmes at the University of Helsinki from this page.

The aim of forest resource management is to prepare and give skills for collecting and using information related to forests, while taking into account economical, ecological and social sustainability.

In this specialization line you will learn how to measure tree, stand and compartment properties using remote sensing methods, and use and analyze this informationin geoinformation systems. You will be familiarized with models describing the development, growth and utilization of forests, the updating of forest resource information and forest planning and forest planning systems. Practicals are an essential part of the teaching. Knowledge of this specialization field is of great advantage also in international expert positions.

A wide variety of statistical and operation research methods and information tehnology are applied in the specialization fiels. Other important methods are different modelling, classification and sampling methods, and heuristic optimization methods, multi-goal decision analysis and  participatory methods. New measurement technology, e.g., satellite imagery, satellite navigation systems and laser scanning form an essential part of the studies in forest resource management. With these skills in hand, students have a good background for solving almost any environment related infromation collection or decision problem.