X-ray Micro-CT Laboratory

University of Helsinki Micro-CT Laboratory offers 3D imaging with a high resolution X ray tomography imaging system. The lab offers deep insight into 3D structures within materials. Specimens ranging from sub-mm to several cm in size can be imaged, with resolutions from sub-micron to tens of microns. The application areas range from materials science and electronics, through medicine and biology to geology and archaeology.


Micro-CT imaging service is available in the form of service work or equipment rent for independent users. Please consult our pricing to get an idea of the costs involved.

Technical Details

Material samples of all kinds can be imaged. The sample size can be up to 100 mm in diameter, with the resulting image resolution being proportional to the sample size with a factor of about 1 / 1000 (i.e. 10 mm sample can provide about 10 ┬Ám resolution). Typical scan time per sample is 2 hours, but depends on the required image quality and sample size.