Research team members:

Janne Saarikivi – Research director

Svetlana Jedygarova – Post doctoral researcher in 2012

Annika Pasanen – Doctoral student in 2012-2014

  • The PhD project concentrates on revitalization processes of Inari Saami language

Florian Siegl – Post doctoral researcher in Spring 2012

Outi Tánczos – Doctoral student in 2011-2015

  • The PhD project is a sociolinguistic study on the connection of linguistic identities and minority language preservation among the Karelian and Udmurt minorities of the Russian Federation and the Hungarian minority of Romania.

Konstantin Zamyatin (PhD)

  • Doctoral student in 2011-2013
  • The PhD project concentrates on the language legislation, its implementation and impact on linguistic minorities comparing the situation in the republics of Volga region (Udmurtia, Marij El, Chuvashia, Tatarstan) in the one hand and the Swedes in Finland in the other.

Nora Fabritius – Research assistant 2015

Lotta Jalava – Project coordinating assistant in 2011-2013

Simo Kantele – Research assistant 2014

Niko Partanen – research assistant in 2012-2013