Practical Information


The main venues of the conference are located at the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24, 3rd floor, and Tiedekulma (Think Corner), Yliopistonkatu 4.

Registration Desk

For speakers and chairs: When you arrive at the venue, please get your conference folder from the registration desk. The folder includes e.g., your conference badge, tickets for lunch and drinks, programme and abstract leaflet. The desk will open on Wednesday at 8.30 am in the HCAS common room, and it will be open again during the coffee breaks, both after N. Katherine Hayles’s and Maria Mäkelä’s keynotes. The desk will also be open from 8.30 onwards on Thursday morning.

Session Rooms

The rooms where the conference sessions will be organised are the Common room at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (3rd floor) and Think Lounge in Think Corner (2nd floor).

Both the HCAS common room and Think Lounge have computers, as well as a PA system (Think Lounge has two separate microphones, and the common room has a Catchbox for audience questions). If you have e.g., a Powerpoint slideshow to go with your presentation, please bring it on a USB flash drive (or similar) and arrive early enough to copy it to the computer in the session room before the session starts.


As the City Centre Campus is located in the centre of Helsinki, there are lots of hotels in the area. Hotels closest to the Collegium are listed below:

Transportation from the Airport

Information on public transportation (trains and buses) between the Helsinki Airport and the city centre can be found on the HSL website. Most travellers prefer the train. Please note that you need to buy a ticket (regional ticket) from an HSL ticket machine before taking the escalator down to the platform. A one-way regional ticket is currently 5 euros.

Finnair runs a bus service between the airport and the city centre. More information can be found on the Finnair website. A one-way ticket is currently 6.70 euros.

It takes about 30 minutes to travel from the airport to the city centre.

Information about Helsinki

For more information on Helsinki, see MyHelsinki website.