Conference proceedings and Presentations

Frih, Anna-Karin (2010) “The girl in medical science”. Reimagining Girlhood: Communities, Identities, Self-Portrayals arrangerat av Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies vid State University of New York College at Cortland, New York, USA, oktober 22-24.

Hrafnsdóttir, Steinunn and Ómar H. Kristmundsson (2010). Challenges in the Non-Profit Sector. Published conference paper. ISTR 9th International conference. Facing crises Challenges Opportunities Confronting the Third Sector and Civil Society. Kadir Has University. Istanbul, Turkey July 7-10 2010. Challenges in the Icelandic Non-Profit Sector.

Jonsson, Gudmundur (2010) “The Collapse, globalization and neo-liberalism.” Open lecture at the University of Iceland 26 April 2010. In a lecture series on the Report of the Special Investigation Commission into the financial crisis.

Jonsson, Gudmundur (2010) “Globalization and Iceland’s economic security.” Lecture gven at the meeting of Icelandic Attac netwrk, 27 May 2010.

Jonsson, Gudmundur (2010) Narrating crisis: Icelanders’ experiences of the economic crisis of 2008-2009. Ostseegespräch Forschungsgruppe Nordeuropäische Politik 12 October 2010.

Kildal, Nanna (2010) Velferdskontrakter. NCoE: Key Concepts Seminar.

Kildal, Nanna (2010) Borgerinntekt. Det europeiske år for bekjempelse av fattigdom og sosial eksklusjon; Høgskolen i Bergen.

Kildal, Nanna and Even Nilssen (2010) Norwegian Welfare Reforms: Social Contracts and Activation Policies. Forskningsgruppen Demokrati, forvaltning og velferd.

Kildal, Nanna and Even Nilssen (2010) Demographic Crisis and Ageing Policy Ideas in the Fields of Health and Long-term Care. Comparing the EU, the WHO and the OECD. ESPAnet annual conference. Social Policy and the Global Crisis: Concequences and Responses; Budapest.

Kuhnle, Stein (2010) Lecture at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, on “The European Welfare State in Perspective”. Hangzhou, 28 May 2010.

Kuhnle, Stein (2010) Speech on “China and the Nordic welfare model” at the Foreign Correspondents Club of China, Beijing. Beijing, 2 June.

Kuhnle, Stein (2010) „Anders oder ähnlich? Vergleich des Nordischen mit dem deutschen Modell“, at the seminar “Das Nordische Modell – ein zukünftiges System auch nach der Finanzkrise?“, organized by the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway in collaboration with the Hertie School of Governance. Berlin, 6 September 2010.

Kuhnle, Stein (2010) “Welfare visions: Reflections on the Nordic Welfare Model and the Chinese Harmonious Society”, Seminar on Welfare Research and the Nordic Model, EXPO 2010. Kuhnle was also a discussant and panel moderator. Shanghai, 14-15 September 2010.

Kuhnle, Stein (2010) “Workshop on Norwegian welfare model and implications for employment and social protection policies in China”, organized by the Norwegian Embassy in China and Social Development Research Department, Development Research Centre of the State Council. Beijing, 17 September 2010.

Outinen, Sami (2010) “The Left, Concept of Social and Neoliberalism. Theoretical
Framework.” NordWel-Helsinki -seminar 13.12.2010.

Outinen, Sami (2010) “The Left, Social Security and Neoliberalism in Finland since
1970’s.” Joint NordWel and REASSESS International Summer School 2010 (State, Society &
Citizen – Cross- and Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Welfare State Development).
Svendborg 18.8.2010.

Outinen, Sami (2010) “The Left, Social Justice and Neoliberalism in Finland 1977–1998.
Research Plan.” NordWel-Helsinki -seminar 15.2.2010.

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