About the Workshop

NordForsk organizes “the Workshop on Bibliometrics for the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)” at the University of Helsinki, Finland, on 10-11 October, 2012.

The workshop is a follow up of the NordForsk’s former Noria-net project in bibliometrics which raised the idea of advancing bibliometric studies of SSH. The aim of the workshop is to present recent research on the topic and bring together scholars, experts, and decision-makers interested in bibliometrics in SSH.

The keynote speaker of the workshop is professor Diana Hicks from the School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech, U.S. The workshop program is scheduled for 10 additional presentations and a panel discussion.

Participation to the workshop is free.

The workshop will be held jointly with the 17th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policyon 11-12th October organized by Helsinki University Library.

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