Nordics in Motion: Transimperial Spaces and Global Experiences of Nordic Colonialism 


Organized by John Hennessey, Lund University, and Janne Lahti, University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki, May 5, 2022
This is a closed author workshop advancing a journal special issue “Nordics in Motion” set to appear in The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. These articles examine Nordic people working, living, and traveling in a variety of transimperial spaces.
Engaging with pertinent research literature in national, colonial and global histories, the articles will follow connections across national and imperial boundaries and chart historical processes as relational – meaning interactive, dialectic, and constituted of layers and relations. They will situate and analyze Nordic mobilities through different spatial scales and analytical layers, providing cross-cutting examinations of the techniques of colonial reimagining and reengineering of geographic domains, ethnic boundaries, and national identities.


Malin Gregersen, Linnaeus University

Aleksi Huhta, University of Helsinki

Raita Merivirta, University of Turku

Diana M. Natermann, University of Hamburg

Carl-Gösta Ojala, Uppsala University

Mikko Toivanen, University of Warsaw

Victor Wilson, Uppsala University