1 WORKSHOP –  Researching Nordic Colonialism – Past, Present, Futures

The first workshop is titled “Researching Nordic Colonialism – Past, Present, Futures and it was held on 24-25 May 2020 via Zoom.

The idea of this workshop is to bring together a selection of scholars working on their respective national histories of colonialism and to have them engage in mutual dialogue pertaining to the shared trajectories and divergent pathways of colonialism in the Nordic context. We will invite historians at all their career stages, with a special emphasis on postdoctoral and mid-career scholars seeking to advance their careers and participate in exciting cross-national research ventures. 

The first meeting should help to begin answering the following questionshow was colonialism in the Nordic contexts and what explains this; how did Nordic people participate in global colonial projects; how did colonialism manifest itself in Nordic popular culture, in literature, art, film, comics, and human exhibitions.

Information about the future workshops after the first one will be updated as soon as the plans are ready for them.