Due to the ongoing CoVid-19 pandemic situation, Nordic MCC was indefinitely postponed.

Nordic MCC inherits from the long-running Motivation and Cognitive Control conference series.

 Before we have Nordic MCC, we must have the main MCC. Pending developments on that, we will then plan the NMCC event in a following year.

For over 20 years, MCC interdisciplinary meetings have fostered the scientific exchange of experts and young researchers on neuronal and computational mechanisms of cognitive control, decision making, and motivation.

Nordic MCC aims to reflect these topics in a 1-day symposium with local and international speakers, including focused themes on attention, expertise, and music. Long-time MCC stalwart and 3-time organiser Prof Markus Ullsperger will give the keynote.

Join us in Helsinki this summer, in ‘white nights’ season, for discussion and learning of cutting-edge science in a collegiate atmosphere!