Scientific program


Wednesday 31.01
17.00 – 20.00 Social get-together at the Archaeology Department

Thursday 1.2.
Location: Main building, Studium 1 (F3020), Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki
9.00 Introduction
9.15 Kristiina Mannermaa & Suvi Viranta – Pirkko Ukkonen – faunahistorian,
osteologist and palaeontologist.
9.40 Elisabeth Iregren & Kristina Jennbert – Pirkko Ukkonen, a very dear
friend and colleague, a much-devoted teacher. Some memories from the
Lund University.
10.05 Ola Magnell – Mammals through the ages – a regional faunal historyfrequency
of mammalian taxa at settlements in Southern Sweden during
the Holocene.
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Katariina Nurminen – Analysing burned bones – prehistoric
zooarchaeology in Finland.
11.25 Emilia Jääskeläinen – Humans and beavers in prehistoric Eastern
11.50 Hanneke Meijer & Knut Andreas Bergsvik – A new chronological
framework for Dollsteinhola, Sunnmøre, Norway.
12.15 Discussion
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Michelle Feider, Auli Bläuer, Anne Karin Hufthammer, Hanna Kivikero,
Eve Rannamäe & David Orton – Reviewing the dispersal of black rats in
Scandinavia and the Baltic region: was there a ‘9th C rat horizon’?
13.55 Regan Douglas – Dietary variation in Mammuthus primigenius based on
mesowear angle analysis.
14.20 Milton Núñez & Kristiina Mannermaa – New information on the 8800-
year-old Kirkkonummi ice pick.
14.45 Coffee
15.15 Elisabeth Iregren & Kristina Jennbert – What can we learn from the
appearance of today’s breeds of Spitz dogs and how can we use our
knowledge of them communicating Stone Age dogs to the public?
15.40 Suvi Viranta, Kristiina Mannermaa, Matti T. Heino, Jouni Aspi, Sarah
Johnston, Jesse McCabe, Mia Williams, Frankie Tait, Monica Kelly,
Alexandre Gilardet, Christopher Barrington and Pontus Skoglund –
Genetic history of the domestic dog in Finland – work in progress.
16.05 Discussion
16.20 – 17 Mystery bone session
19.00 Dinner

Friday 2.2.

Location: Main building, F3017, Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki
9.25 Marcus Frid – Ephemeral aesthetics: the aesthetic interplay of animals in
funerary displays of status and veneration.
9.50 Stella Macheridis – Moat bones and funny horn cores from Gammeltorv,
Copenhagen: Zooarchaeological glimpses into Medieval life in the
Öresund region.
10.15 Coffee
10.40 Veronica Aniceti, Marianne Vedeler & Anne Karin Hufthammer – Time
for a revolution? Changes in food and agricultural economies in 11th-16th
c. AD Norway.
11.05 Christian Küchelmann – Far-scattered evidence. Walrus and narwhale
ivory in the Hanseatic North Atlantic trade.
11.30 Dianne Unsain – Exploring the Relationship Between Socio-economic
Status and Animal Exploitation in Medieval France.
11.55 Discussion
12.10 Lunch
13.00 Veronica Lee – Fish for the wealthy? Pike trade in the Baltic Sea Region
(500-1800 AD).
13.25 Cathrine Färnström & Alexander Jonsson – Salted herring, train-oil, and
the great herring fishery period (1747-1809) in Masthugget, Gothenburg,
13.50 Hanna Kivikero & Viktor Eriksson – Processing birds at the Island of
Kökar in the Baltic Sea during the medieval and early modern period (ca.
CE 1400-1700).
14.15 Sara Gummesson – Avian remains at the peatbog of Dagsmosse,
Östergötland, Sweden.
14.40 Coffee
15.05 Jacob Kveiborg, Antigone Uzunidis, Lutz Klassen, Florian Klimscha, Niels
Nørkjær Johannsen, Uffe Lind Rasmussen, Michael Richards & Jens-
Christian Svenning – Palaeoecological reconstructions of Subboreal
northwestern European wild horses, Equus ferus Boddaert, 1785.
15.30 Giedrė Piličiauskienė – Small, angry and shaggy: horses in Lithuania from
the Subneolithic to the Early Modern Period.
15.55 Noora Piipponen & Markku Niskanen – Wild and domestic horses differ
in metacarpal shape.
16.20 Markku Niskanen & Noora Piipponen – We should try to gain more
information on size and shape of archaeological horses from skeletal
16.45 – 17.00 Discussion
19.00 Dinner

Saturday 3.2

Location: Porthania, P673, Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki
9.00 Erika Rosengren, Conor Rossi, Matti T. Heino & Mikkel Sinding –
Systematic ancient DNA-based species identification of archaeological
remains of large bovines (Bos primigenius and Bison bonasus) from
9.25 Samuel J. Walker, Aurélie Boilard, Mona Henriksen, Liselotte M. Takken
Beijersbergen, Thijs van Kolfschoten, Anne Karin Hufthammer, Stein-
Erik Lauritzen, Trond Lødøen & Sanne Boessenkool – Reconstructing
faunal diversity from MIS 5 in northern Norway using zooarchaeology and
bulk-bone metabarcoding.
9.50 Stella Marcheridis & Jan Storå – Identification, registration, and analytic
goals in zooarchaeological research.
10.15 Coffee
10.40 Adam Boethius, Jan Storå & Rudolf Gustavsson – Mobility patterns
among Pitted Ware Culture foragers at Jettböle, Åland, studied via
sequential strontium isotope analysis.
11.05 Tuija Kirkinen – Animal hairs and feathers evidence the presence of soft
organic materials in the Late Mesolithic Skateholm I and II cemeteries,
11.30 – 12.30 Final discussion
14.00 Visit to Nature History Museum