NORSIL Network coordinates a session at Arctic Week 2019 in Paris

On 11 December 2019, the NORSIL Network co-hosted a session at the Arctic Week. “Arctic Week” is a week-long international conference that provides transdisciplinary approaches to climate and environmental changes in the Arctic. It was hosted from 9 to 13 December 2019  in Paris, with the participation of indigenous peoples and international researchers as well as students. The event was hosted at the ministry of foreign affairs and benefited from the presence of a number of knowledgeable and distinguished guests, including the French Ambassador of the poles and former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal.

The NORSIL session focused on the rights of the Sámi and Inuit peoples. During this session, several researchers from France, Sweden, Canada and the UK presented their work . The issues of governance of land and natural resources as well as human rights dominated the discussions and despite regional differences, speakers shared common messages concerning the need to better improve legislations to secure the rights of the Inuit and Sámi in their respective countries.

Mana Tugend, Polar Law Programme Akureyri


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