Programme 2020

NORSIL Workshop – The Way Forward: Rights, Knowledge and Data to ensure the inclusion of the Sámi People in the Sustainable Nordic Transition

UiT-The Arctic University of Norway 9-10 January 2020

9 January 2020

9h30 – Opening of session and introduction by Dorothée Cambou

10h00 – Sustainable Development and Sámi rights

(Morning Session Chair: Dorothée Cambou)

1-Øyvind Ravna (UiT): Indigenous rights, human rights and UN Sustainable Development Goals under the Northern Lights

2-Chris MacDonald (OECD): OECD, Saami rights and data collection in Sweden

3-Peter Dawson (Norwegian National Human Rights Institution): A human rights based approach to Sámi statistics in Norway (skype)

4- Karin Buhmann (Copenhagen Business School): Climate change: a bull-dozing agenda for (Northern) indigenous peoples’ rights

12h00 – 13h0h Lunch

(Afternoon Session Chair: Malin Brännström)

13h00- Sustainability and Land rights in Sweden

5-Dorothée Cambou (Helsinki University): Justice in the energy transition: The rights of Sámi reindeer herders in the court decisions concerning wind energy projects

6-Malin Brännström (Umeå Uniersity): The Girjas Case

14h00 Traditional knowledge and management

7-Rebecka Forsgren (Indigenous Fellow at World Intellectual Property Organization): Traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions from an intellectual property perspective

8-Assi Harkoma (Arctic Centre, Finland): Traditional reindeer rangeland management and a human rights-based approach to food sovereignty

 15h00 – Break

15h30 – Consultation and Land rights

9-Stefan Kirchner (Arctic Centre, Finland): Realizing FPIC in Mining? A Look at Finland

10-Kristina Labba (UiT): Sámi law and public authorities’ decision-making 

16h30 – Summary and discussion over book proposal

18h30 – Dinner at the expenses of NORSIL

10 January 2020

9h30 – Junior researchers and masters students presentations

(Morning Session Chair: Mattias Åhren)

11-Bendik Midtkandal (UiT): What significance does ILO-169 have in Norwegian law? – A study of the convention’s legal status

12-Sara Fusco: Deliberative Democracy in the exploitation of natural resources in Sápmi: the access to information, the right of public participation and access to environmental justice for Sámi community in Sweden

13-Apostolos Tsiouvalas (UiT): Mare Nullius or Mare Suum? Using Ethnography to Debate Rights to Marine Resources in Coastal Sámi Communities of Troms

14-Purna C. Bhusal (Nord University, Bodø): A Non-western Meta-perspective on Indigenous Sámi Identity

11h30 – Conclusions

12h00 – End

This event is financed by the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS)

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