Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Common Room, 3rd floor (Fabianinkatu 24)

Conference hashtag: #heritagehcas

The keynote lectures will be streamed online at

Wednesday, March 4th 2020

9.00     Registration and coffee

9.30     Opening


Keynote I: Laurajane Smith (Australian National University)

Cultural Heritage: Politics, Nationalism and Populism

Chair: David C Harvey (Aarhus University)

10.45–11.00   Coffee/tea break


Session 1: Powers and Potentials of Indigenous Heritage

Chair: Suzie Thomas (University of Helsinki)

  • Coppélie Cocq (University of Helsinki)
    An Indigenous Digital Humanities Perspective on the Production of Cultural Heritage
  • Andreas Kalkun (University of Helsinki and Estonian Literary Museum)
    Translating or Stealing? Translating Seto Songs into Estonian
  • Rani-Henrik Andersson (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies)
    National Parks as Sites of Cultural Heritage or Re-Indigenization of National Parks
  • Karina Lukin (University of Helsinki and University of Eastern Finland)
    The Imperial Legacy of the Soviet Indigenous Heritage

13.00–14.15   Lunch break (for speakers, Common room)

14.15–15.45   Session 2: Politics and Negotiations

Chair: Coppélie Cocq (University of Helsinki)

  • Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (University of Tartu)
    Victory Day in Estonia: Heritage and Folklore
  • Gertjan Plets (Utrecht University)
    Theorising Post-Conflict Heritage: The Politics of the Reconstruction of Palmyra in a Comparative Perspective
  • Dani Schrire (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    Postcards as Heritage? An Autoethnography of an Arrival of a Collection

15.45–16.15   Coffee/tea break

16.15–17:15 Session 3: Emmi Kuittinen (Finland) How to perform laments in the modern society

Chair: Heidi Haapoja-Mäkelä (University of Helsinki)

17.30   Reception, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Common Room, 3rd floor

Thursday, March 5th 2020

09.45   Coffee/tea


Keynote II: Kristin Kuutma (University of Tartu)

Critical (Re)conceptualizations in the Politics of Heritage

Chair: Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (University of Tartu)

11.00–11.15   Coffee/tea break

11.15–13.15   Session 4: Constructing and De-/Reconstructing Categories

Chair: Heidi Haapoja-Mäkelä (University of Helsinki)

  • Johanna Turunen (University of Jyväskylä)
    Challenging the Concept of Cultural Heritage – Towards an Idea of Transcultural Heritage
  • Katriina Siivonen (University of Turku)
    Not Heritage, but the Impact of Heritage
  • Antti-Ville Kärjä (University of the Arts Helsinki)
    Music Heritagisation in Finland: Anything Goes?
  • Michael Dylan Foster (University of California, Davis)
    Intangible Cultural Taxonomies: Practices of Heritage Classification and their Esocultural Effects

13.15–14.30   Lunch break (for speakers, Common room)

14.30–16.00   Session 5: Conceptualization and Practice

Chair: Oona Simolin (University of Helsinki)

  • Johanna Enqvist (University of Helsinki)
    Classifications, Conceptualisations and Concepts – the Order of Heritage
  • Ulla Savolainen (University of Helsinki)
    Exploring Memory, Heritage, and Tradition through the Museum Exhibition “Ingrians – Forgotten Finns”
  • Tuuli Lähdesmäki (University of Jyväskylä) & Katja Mäkinen (University of Jyväskylä)
    Constructing ‘European significance’ of cultural heritage in EU heritage policy

16.00–16.30   Coffee/tea break

16.30–17.30 CANCELED!

Session 6: Einar Selvik (Norway) “Regenerating Old Norse Myth and Music”

Chair: Frog (University of Helsinki)

19.00   Dinner (for speakers) Restaurant Shelter (Kanavaranta 7, 00160 Helsinki)

Friday, March 6th 2020

09.45   Coffee/tea


Keynote III: Suzie Thomas (University of Helsinki)

‘Dark’ Heritage?

Chair: Johanna Enqvist (University of Helsinki)

11.00–11.15   Coffee/tea break

11.15–13.15   Session 7: Politics of Place

Chair: Rani-Henrik Andersson (University of Helsinki)

  • David C Harvey (Aarhus University)
    Heritage and Landscape – Everywhere or Nowhere?
  • Heidi Haapoja-Mäkelä (University of Helsinki)
    The Nation of Trees? The Heritagization of Forest Landscape in 21st Century Finland
  • Oona Silmolin (University of Helsinki)
    Heritage Interpretation and the Construction of the National Identity in the Fortress of Suomenlinna, Helsinki
  • Maunu Häyrynen (University of Turku)
    Landscape as Chronotope. Integrating the national past in Finnish landscape

13.15–14.30   Lunch break (for speakers, Common room)

14.30–15.30 Session 8: Girilal Baars (Sweden) Ballads Before and After

Chair: Frog (University of Helsinki)

15.30–16.00   Coffee/tea break

16.00–17.00   Session 9: From Fantasy to Mythologization

Chair: Karina Lukin (University of Helsinki and University of Eastern Finland)

  • Derek Fewster (University of Helsinki)
    Global Heritage in Digital Fantasy: Values and Collective Memories in the Game of The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Frog (University of Helsinki)
    Heritage, Semiotic Ideologies and Mythologization

17.00   Closing discussion

Chair: Frog (University of Helsinki)