Duck-Rabbit by Tuula Ahonen

Wittgenstein: Aspects and Interpretations
The 13th Annual Conference of the Nordic Wittgenstein Society
June 17-18, 2024

Questions related to aspect-seeing and interpretation occupied Ludwig Wittgenstein throughout his philosophical career – all the way from the Necker cube of the Tractatus to the duck-rabbit of the “Philosophy of Psychology – A Fragment”, previously known as Part II of the Philosophical Investigations. In the latter, Wittgenstein asks, “Do I really see something different each time, or do I only interpret what I see in a different way?” (PPF § 248.) The purpose of the 13th Annual Conference of the Nordic Wittgenstein Society, Wittgenstein: Aspects and Interpretations, is to provide a platform for philosophers to discuss this and related questions in Wittgenstein’s work. The title of the conference may also be read as pointing to different aspects and interpretations of Wittgenstein’s philosophy itself, which is notoriously difficult to decipher and has given rise to a number of interpretative traditions. Topics that will be addressed in this conference include Wittgenstein’s views on aspects, aspect-seeing, and aspect-blindness; interpretation and its limits; the interface between aspect-seeing and ethics, aesthetics, and religion; as well as the interpretative reception of Wittgenstein.

There is no conference fee, and all interested are welcome to attend.

The organizers are grateful for the Emil Aaltonen foundation for financial support of the conference.