James Joyce Exhibition


Signature of James Joyce from Ulysses, 1936 Bodley Head Edition, Wikimedia Commons

The Department of Modern Languages will host an exhibition on the Irish writer James Joyce, from the 15th November until the 29 November, on the third floor of Metsätalo (Unionikatu 40). The exhibition provides a rich illustration of his life, from his childhood in Dublin to his travels abroad in Rome and Zurich, and presents the themes and techniques of his major works.

James Joyce is one of the most important and influential writers of the twenthieth century. His most famous work,Ulysses, was ranked first on the Modern Library’s list of the 100 best English-novels of the 20th century. The novel has been translated into over 72 languages, and has been translated twice into Finnish, the first time by Pentti Saarikoski in 1964, the second, by Leevi Lehto in 2012.

The James Joyce exhibition was commissed by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and has been seen by people all over the world. The embassy hopes to provide an opportunity for students and the general public alike to learn more about Joyce and his works.

The exhibition is an unique collaboration between the Department of Modern Languages, the Embassy of Ireland in Finland, and the Department of World Cultures.

In honor of the opening of the exhibition, there will be a lecture by Dr. Katherine O’Callaghan entitled, “Music and Silence in the Writings of James Joyce” on the 15th November in Metsätalo (Unionkatu 40), Sali 2, from 14–16.