Slavica Helsingiensia 49 ilmestynyt

SSlavica Helsingiensia 49lavica Helsingiensia 49

In search of the center and periphery: Linguistic attitudes, minorities, and landscapes in the Central Balkans
Maxim Makartsev & Max Wahlström (eds.)

This book is an attempt to capture and analyze aspects of multilingualism, the situation of minority languages and their speakers, and non-standard linguistic variation in Albania, Greece, and Macedonia. Widespread, stable, mutual multilingualism is widely thought to be one of the preconditions for the rise of the Balkan Sprachbund, characterized by grammatical convergence among the languages. The Central Balkans, with the Lakes Ohrid and Prespa as its geographical point of orientation, remains to this day ethnically and linguistically the most diverse part of the Balkans and displays a particularly high concentration of convergent linguistic features. The articles in this volume examine today’s linguistic diversity and its relation to the historical multilingualism in the region from a wide variety of perspectives.

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