Pedagogical café

The pedagogical team and members and affiliates of OLIVE share stories of Pedagogy, Science and Technology talking over a theme that relates to the project’s developmental purposes.

These discussions take place on the public sphere of the internet due to the Covid-19 circumstances. As well, due to the fact that OLIVE members’ geographies are diverse. However, we keep the spirit of talking into topical issues, aiming for actions that make Education Without Walls possible.

In this blog of OLIVE, we publish the summaries of these discussions to share the topics with interested communities, teachers, researchers and other interested parties.

The focus theme of the first pedagogical café, January 2021:

Assessment in Higher Education

The main theme of the day, pedagogical café, March 2021:

«Out-of-the-box approaches and practices when integrating technologies into STEM teaching and learning. What are they? Who do they come from? Who are they for?».

The main theme of the day, pedagogical café, April 2021:

«Online teaching and learning environments: possibilities and challenges for pedagogical use»

The main theme of the day, pedagogical café, May 2021:

«Becoming active in the public sphere – Blogs and collaborative writing for pedagogical purposes».