About us


What is Orbis?

Orbis is a student organization aimed at international and internationally-minded students in the Faculties of Arts and Theology at the University of Helsinki.

We introduce the new international students to student life, provide opportunities for internationals and Finns alike to meet and network; promote and protect international interests especially within the faculties, but also more generally at the university and Finland; and keep international and Finnish students informed about international issues at the Faculties, university and Finland. 

We organize events such as museum visits, parties, excursions, and casual hangouts. Everyone is welcome along and we are always open to activity suggestions!

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The membership fee is 5€ and covers life-long membership. Please sign up through our form

Mailing list:

To sign up to our mailing list, send an email with the message “subscribe orbis-list” to majordomo@helsinki.fi, and do not write anything in the subject field.

To reach our members via email, send your message to orbis-list@helsinki.fi.

You can find more information on joining the mailing list and contacting Orbis here.


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