2024 Board


Chair: Jakub Florczak (he/him)

The Board Chair is responsible for the overall operations and functions of Orbis. A good Chair will manage their team efficiently and void of great hierarchy. They will act as the primary spokesperson as well as the chief communicator to other student organizations and HYY. They will be supportive of their fellow board members, but will also ensure commitments by them get fulfilled, on time, and to a high standard. Finally, they have the deciding vote at times where the Board is divided.

Vice-Chair: María Towers (she/her)

The Vice-Chair supports Orbis by assisting and supporting the Chair, and acting in their place at Board meetings if the Chair is unable to attend. A good Vice-Chair will help out as needed and take on additional responsibilities based on organizational needs.

Secretary: Julia Lehtinen (she/her)

The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of Orbis’ Board meetings, and is in charge of some administrative matters. They are also the Data Protection Officer. A good Secretary provides logistical support to the rest of the Board. At standard meetings they coordinate minutes, as well as ensure effective communication within the Board and with members. They are also responsible for the membership list as well as the newsletter.


Treasurer: Rowan Ikäheimo (he/she)

The Treasurer looks after Orbis’ money. They produce the financial plans for the year ahead and reports for the past year. They are also responsible for contacting new members about dues. A good Treasurer will manage the group’s finances, estimate costs for events, and with the appropriate people negotiate budgets for said events. The Treasurer will also maintain accurate records to ensure that the next Board undergoes an easy transitionary period.

Communications Manager: María Towers (she/her)

The Communications Manager supports Orbis through their overall responsibility communicating efficiently with the members of the organization, the applicable faculties, and other organizations. Their duty is to build lasting connections with other student organizations and to manage the mailing list of the organization. The Communications Manager will work closely with the Social Media Manager to divide the responsibilities of the website.

Representation Manager: Rowan Ikäheimo (he/she)

The Representation Manager supports Orbis through their overall responsibility of equity, safety, and inclusion in meetings, events, and ongoing operations. A good Representation Manager will be both a point of contact for international and internationally-minded students who have questions about representation, as well as the immediate response for any complaints about Orbis’ actions. They will act as the harassment contact person who can be contacted if the principles of safer space are violated at any event or in the faculty at large. In addition, the representation will be in charge of gathering input for and developing Orbis’ Equality Plan.

Events Manager: Sierra Salazar (she/her), Enrica Frey

The Events Manager ensures that varied, fun, and suitable events are organized by Orbis. A good Events Manager will plan a variety of interesting and inclusive events for international and internationally-minded students. The Events Manager also manages a number of premises on behalf of Orbis to ensure that all events are safe and enjoyable for everyone. The Events Manager is encouraged to oversee an events committee which utilizes the time and talents of member volunteers. The Events Manager also coordinates possible fundraising.

Social Media Manager: Rowan Ikäheimo (he/she)

The Social Media Manager is responsible for promoting Orbis through relevant social media platforms and Orbis’ website. They have the main responsibility of Orbis’ website and social media accounts, and delegate tasks to other members concerning social media. A good Social Media Manager will ensure that Orbis’ visibility on social media is consistent, informative, and visually interesting. The Social Media Manager will work closely with the Communications Manager to divide the responsibilities of the website.

Sustainability Manager: Julia Lehtinen (she/her)

The Sustainability Manager is responsible for ensuring that all of Orbis ́ decisions when it comes to all of the Organization’s activities are executed in a sustainable way while also implementing ways to promote environmental initiatives within the student organisation. A good Sustainability Manager will make sure that Orbis’s events are organised in a sustainable way and ensures that the rest of the board keep sustainability in mind when decisions are being made.

Freshers & Tutors Coordinator: Enrica Frey


Elected Officials:

Joonas Åkerblom, Sara Hietala, Lucas Weidinger, Nea Mikkelä

Contact us: orbis@helsinki.fi