Maintenance Break on Friday 22th of January from 9 to 11 AM

We’re running some updates and fixes to the blog service on Friday 22th of January between 9 and 11 AM. There will be at least one short break during that time. Please refrain from working on the blog platform during the update as unsaved work may be lost.

Following fixes and updates will be applied:

  • WordPress will be updated to version 5.6
  • Supported WordPress themes will be updated to their latest versions
  • An access right issue that has prevented WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation plugins from working will be addressed
  • Theme translations lost in previous update will be restored

Moving your old static site to blog platform

As some legacy web services on are being run down, sites for differen student organisations, associations and research projects hosted there will need to find themselves a new home.

Blog service is one viable option for this. While the old sites might have been built in many ways, coded by hand or by desktop software, the sites on all run WordPress content management system. This means the sites can’t be moved as a replica of the original and basically need to be built again.

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The new block editor Gutenberg now available

WordPress 5.0 brought along a new default theme Twenty Nineteen and a new content editor. The new block editor Gutenberg is now available also on the Helsinki University blogs

Gutenberg allows more control and options for creating posts and pages, as well as embedding some widgets inside the content area.  Nevertheless it is a  complete overhaul of the classic editor and might get some getting used to.  The classic editor still remains as an alternative, and for now the default option also for new blogs.

You can turn on the block editor on your site from “Settings” > “Reading“. To fully take use of all the new features use the Twenty Niteen theme, that has been designed especially to be used with the block editor.


Osallistu blogipalvelun käyttäjäkyselyyn — Participate in the blog service user survey

Kartoitamme yliopiston blogipalvelussa julkaistavien sivustojen erilaisia käyttötarkoituksia käyttäjäkyselyllä. Kysely koostuu 9 monivalintakysymyksestä sekä näitä täydentävistä valinnaisista vapaamuotoisista kysymyksistä. Vastaaminen kestää arviolta n. 5-10 minuuttia. Kysely on suunnattu sivustojen ylläpitäjille. Mikäli ylläpidät useampaa kuin yhtä sivustoa pyydämme vastamaan kyselyyn kaikkien sivustojen osalta erikseen.

Suomenkieliseen kyselyyn

We are gathering information on the different uses of the University of Helsinki blog service with a user survey. The survey is intended for all administrators of one or more WordPress sites on the platform and is filled for each site separately. The survey consists of 9 multiple choice questions and a few optional free form text fields. Filling out the survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Survey in English

Break on service today at 15-17

The blog service will be updated to the latest WordPress version 5.0 today between 15 to 17. There will be short break during that time.

The version 5.0 will introduce a new Gutenberg editor. This will be activated on the service on January. Before that you can familiarise yourself to the updated user experiece by test driving the editor.