Workshop ‘Archeogenetics in the Archipelago’

The SUGRIGE project organized an ‘Archeogenetics in the Archipelago’ workshop!

The workshop was held in Seili, Finland on 1.-5.8. 2016. It focused on the study of the past through genetic, archaeological and paleopathogenic evidence.

The multidisciplinary workshop featured a series of lectures on the latest developments in these research areas given by geneticists and archaeologists from the University of Helsinki and from the Workgroup of Archaeo- and Paleogenetics in University of Tübingen. Additionally, the workshop offered a number of training sessions on the sampling, preparation and analysis of ancient bone material. The workshop also included archeological prospecting of the leprosy cemetery in Seili.


A scenery from Seili island.
Photo: Cunon, Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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