Note, some of the sites linked can only be found in Finnish, most also in English.

Max Planck Institute for the science of human history, Jena, Germany.

Kalmistopiiri. News and posts about burial archaeology and human osteology (in Finnish)

Kipot ja kielet. A project for collecting archaelogical and linguistic material for the research of human history (in Finnish).

Fine-scale genetic structure in Finland before 1950s. Based on genomes of present Finns, geographical substructre visualized on map.

BEDLAN, A research group (2009–) focusing on biological evolution and the diversification of languages.

Life histories in teeth. A project (2015–2018) exploring new resources in Finnish isotope archaeology and adapting them into the research of prehistoric periods (in Finnish).

Viikon juttu. Topical writings about health and science (in Finnish).

Argeopop. A project (2009-2013) on Finnish prehistory reconstructed in the light of archaeological and population genetic data, funded by Finnish Academy.

Tübingen Paleogenetics group