Pertti AHONEN

Professor of Political Science, 2010-, Department of Political and Economics Studies,  00014  University of Helsinki, Finland

D.Soc.Sc. (Political Science, University of Helsinki, 1984), M.Sc. Econ. (Business Accounting, Helsinki School of Economics and Business/Aalto University, Helsinki, 1978)

Docent positions:

University of Vaasa, public administration/public management

University of Tampere, public administration/administrative science

University of Jyväskylä, political science

Earlier and temporary functions:

2019, Visiting Scholar, Potsdam University, Germany

1990-2010, Professor of Public Administration, with special reference to Government Financial Management, University of Tampere, Finland (tenured)

1989-2001, Professor of Public Policy and Management, European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), Maastricht, Netherlands (temporary)

1984-89, Associate Professor of Administrative Studies in Political Science, University of Helsinki (temporary until the end of 1985, since, tenured)

1988-90, visiting sch0lar, Scandinavian Consortium of Organizational Research (SCANCOR), Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA (temporary)

1987-88, 1994-5 and 2004-5 senior sabbatical grantee (varttunut tieteenharjoittaja/varttunut tutkija), Academy of Finland (temporary)

1981-82, postgraduate student, Department of Government, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA (temporary)

1977-1984, civil servant in Ministry of Finance and its sector of administration, Helsinki, Finland (tenured since 1979)


  • Digital politology, with special reference to computational artificial intelligence methods and smart cities reserarch
  • Neo-institutionalist theory and research, including applications of neo-institutionalist world society theory a.k.a. world polity theory, for more, see
  • Research on governance, public policy and public policy evaluation
  • Modifications of the above in teaching, supervision and expert functions

CV in Academy of Finland format, 4 April 2015:



See my University of Helsinki results database “TUHAT” pages with background information, publications, projects, and other activities:

For my complete bibliography (for upgrades, please inquire at see: Ahonen_P_PI_FullBibliography_1501114_A_IC

From among my recent publications:

– Pertti Ahonen, Institutionalizing Big Data methods in social and political research, Big Data & Society, 2, 2, July-December 2015, p. 1-12, open access article, available at

– Pertti Ahonen, A Weberian Study of Small, Prosperous Democracies: Comparing New Zealand and Finland, Sage Open 2016, 6, 4, p. 1-13, open access article, available at

An example of my university third function activities:

A 2015 report (Uusikylä, Ahonen and Takanen) on improving the national evaluation of EU legal and policy initiatives in Finland:

For my Kone Foundation 2015-2017 project on digital social research

For the Research Group on Digital Politology, founded and (thus far) led by me:

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