We are a research group interested in the cognitive social sciences, by which we refer to interdisciplinary fields of research that have emerged at the intersection of the social and cognitive sciences. Examples include cognitive anthropology, cognitive sociology, political psychology, behavioral economics and cognitive social psychology. We think that these cognitive social sciences provide important new methodological tools and theoretical models for understanding many social phenomena, such as ethnicity and racialization, collective memory, collective action, cultural transmission, and interpersonal social coordination. However, they also face many conceptual, methodological and institutional challenges that have not been yet resolved.

Our backgrounds are in philosophy of science, social ontology, sociological theory, sociology of science and cognitive science, and we study recent developments in the cognitive social sciences by combining insights from these perspectives. Our two ongoing research projects provide new perspectives on the cognitive social sciences through case studies and methodological discussion with the goal of analyzing, clarifying and resolving conceptual, methodological and institutional challenges that arise in the context of these research programs.

The research group consists of researchers from:

University of Eastern Finland
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä