Welcome to ‘Podcourse’, a toolbox for incorporating podcasts in your teaching or learning. This toolbox was developed as part of the ‘Digital Leap’ of the Area and Cultural Studies MA Program at the University of Helsinki.

On this website, you will find

  • a 5-step guide for students (or other beginners) to start conceptualizing an ‘academic’ podcast. The guide contains episodes of ‘Podcast in Podcast’, a series of interviews between Lotta Vuorio and a number of ‘experts’: podcasters, journalists, and science popularisers. In conjunction with the episodes, the guide also includes a handful of step-by-step assignments that you or your students can carry out in small discussion groups and that will allow them to gradually ‘build up’ a podcast episode
  • practical resources to start recording, editing and publishing audio material
  • suggestions on how to assess a podcast as an assignment in a HE course
  • examples of finished podcast episodes made by students at the University of Helsinki


The toolbox was originally developed and rolled out as part of an ‘Introduction to Soundstudies’ course, by prof. Josephine Hoegaerts. Some details in the instruction video’s may be particular to that course, which ran in the Spring of 2020.

If you have questions, comments, or would like you or your students to be featured among our podcasters, please get in touch with josephine.hoegaerts@helsinki.fi