Create your podcast in 5 steps

The following ‘course’ was designed as a week-by-week sequence to gradually design, tweak and build one podcast episode. For each section, you can listen to an episode of ‘Podcast in Podcast’, discuss some issues with a partner or small group, and make notes or finish some small task to start shaping your own episode.

  1. Find your niche
  2. Structure your thoughts
  3. Consult an expert
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Wrap it up

‘Podcast in Podcast’ was made by Lotta Vuorio, who runs a history podcast in Finnish. You can find  Menneisyyden Jäljillä on her website.

You can listen to the podcasters interviewed for these episodes in their own podcasts as well:

Very Finnish Problems‘ by Joel Willans (in English)

Kertojan ääni‘ by Jukka Ahola and Essi Pulkkinen (in Finnish)

Geheugenissen‘ by Julie Van den Bogaert (in Dutch)