Podcasting 1: Find your niche

In the first episode we’ll introduce ourselves to the concept of podcasting, and the significance of having a good idea around which you can construct your own podcast.

Our first guest is the founder of the social media community Very Finnish Problems, Joel Willans.

FIND THE EPISODE HERE: https://soundcloud.com/podcast-in-podcast/1-podcast-in-podcast-the-concept-of-the-podcast-with-joel-willans



00:20 Introduction

03:50 Where did Joel get the idea for Very Finnish Problems Podcast?

7:20 What does a good concept mean for a podcast? How do you build up and maintain a concept? Examples on guests on Very Finnish Problems

11:50 The concept and structure of the episodes

14:15 Who is the audience of Very Finnish Problems?

16:40 How do you use podcast as a media?

17:30 Why to choose podcasting?


Discussion assignment

(ideally, work in pairs or small groups and make notes for your partner)

  • what is the main theme for their podcast?
  • can you draw a mindmap of the theme, after listening to their description?
  • what audience do they want to reach?
  • talk about the ethics of using other people’s research and work in your podcast: how will you make sure you give credit?

Instruction video for discussion assignment