Veikko Eranti, Anna Kukkonen and Tuukka Ylä-Anttila from HEPO are presenting their poster Topic Modeling the Global Climate Policy Debate at the International Conference on Computational Social Science today. The poster presents our first attempt at combining qualitative justifications analysis, developed by our research group in collaboration with Laurent Thévenot, with machine learning methods and topic modeling tools. While our work is still preliminary, we think it it is possible to start analysing political justification in bigger textual corpora using a combination of automated analysis methods and sociological insights.

Come and meet us at the poster session (we’re panel number 53), see our poster on Prezi or as PDF, or follow frantic tweets from Veikko or Tuukka!

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HEPO workshop with Laurent Thévenot and Nina Eliasoph

On June 3-4 HEPO organized a workshop ‘Justifications, engagements, grammars’ with professors Laurent Thévenot and Nina Eliasoph as invited guests. The workshop took place at the University of Helsinki and was financially supported by the French embassy in Finland. The participants included Finnish, French, Belgian, Russian and US researchers. Continue reading “HEPO workshop with Laurent Thévenot and Nina Eliasoph”

Hepo à Paris

Hepo à assisté pour la deuxième fois au séminaire “Sociologie des engagements: Pouvoirs et oppressions” de la Groupe de sociologie politique et morale, organisé par le professeur Laurent Thévenot à l’Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales.

Les interventions de Hepo ont été :

  • Turo-Kimmo LEHTONEN: Justifications pour la sécurité marchandisée
  • Risto ALAPURO: S’associer pour composer du commun au pluriel dans une perspective comparative: deux exemples
  • Markku LONKILA: Les grammaires de communalité dans l’activisme urbain à Helsinki et St. Petersbourg
  • Eeva LUHTAKALLIO: Styles de groupe, régimes d’engagement et le “vélopolitique”: Premières réflexions sur un nouveau terrain à Los Angeles et Helsinki
  • Tuomas YLÄ-ANTTILA: Justifiabilité, familiarité et la politique climatique

Merci beaucoup à tous pour les discussions bien intéressantes! Merci, en particulier, à Laurent de nous avoir reçu à Paris et surtout à Cherrueix pour un atelier week-end sociologique et gourmand!

Rosanvallon, Luhtakallio, Nevanlinna – keskustelu Ikuisesti ajassa -sarjassa Helsingin kaupunginkirjastossa

Pasilan kirjaston filosofisen keskustelusarjan syksyn avaus 15.9.2010

Helsingissä vietettävän Ranskalaisen syksyn kunniaksi syksyn 2010 ohjelmassa
käsitellään ranskalaisten filosofien esille nostamia kysymyksiä.
Tilaisuuksiin on vapaa pääsy.

Keskiviikona 15.9.2010 klo 17.30 – 19.30
VTM, tutkija (väit.) Eeva Luhtakallio: Pierre Rosanvallon: vastademokratian haaste

Paikka: Pasilan kirjaston auditorio, Kellosilta 9, Helsinki

Järjestäjät: Pasilan kirjasto ja Helsingin suomenkielinen työväenopisto,
yhteistyökumppaneina Tutkijaliitto ja Kriittinen korkeakoulu


Spaces of Democracy: Civil Society Engagements, Justifications and Styles

Welcome to the Hepo workshop Spaces of Democracy on June 14-15, 2010, at the University of Helsinki, Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40, room 4


June 14

9.15 Opening Words by Risto Alapuro
9.30 Session 1
• Nina Eliasoph: Drawing on inspiration, promoting civic equality, protecting the needy, and creating intimate attachments: how some participatory democracy projects try to do it all at once
• Jyri Liukko : Genetic discrimination, insurance and solidarity: an analysis of the argumentation for legitimate risk classification
• Johanna Niemi (1/2h): Avoiding politics vs. political passivity
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Session 2
• Janne Autto: Welfare state politics as symbolic struggle
• Laura Lyytikäinen (1/2h): Group style of the Russian youth movement Oborona
14.30 Coffee
14.45 Session 3
• Risto Alapuro: On constructing commonality in the plural in Russia and in Finland: two examples
• Suvi Huikuri & Tuomas Ylä-Anttila (1/2h): Public justifications in the climate debate in India and Finland
16.15 End of day 1

June 15

9.15 Session 4
• Laurent Thévenot: Bounded Justifiability. Assurance and oppression in securing life together with binding engagements
• Julien Charles: Personal impacts of participation. Inquiries on self-management, empowerment and participatory management
• Kia Vertio (1/2h): Political rhetoric and justification in Northern Ireland: Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party
11.45 Lunch
12.45 Session 5
• Boris Gladarev & Markku Lonkila: Justifying environmental activism in Finland and Russia
• Sanna Salo (1/2h): Justifications of globalization in Finnish alternative media
14.15 Coffee
14.30 Session 6

• Veikko Eranti: (1/2h) ) Justifications of nimby: ctizens in a dialogue with planning authority
• Eeva Luhtakallio & Tuomas Ylä-Anttila: Beyond claims and frames: Public Justifications Analysis of media texts
15.45 Closing words
16.00 End of day 2