Cultivation step

The main goal of this page is to give certain scientific and practical information about my PhD project and the importance of cryptophyte.

In the first step, I cultured some strains of cryptophyte (Photo 1, 2 and 3) which were in the collection of Dr. Peltomaa at the University of Helsinki (Algological laboratory of Almalab-complex-

Photo 1: First cultures in 50 ml flasks

Photo 2 and 3: Two strains of cryptophyte cultured in 600 ml flasks and ready to transfer to experimental bottles

Next, I  put my cultures under different experimental conditions to find the best growth rate with high levels of bioactive compounds (Photo 4).

Photo 4: cultures prepared to put under test condition

Later, I will publish information about experimental conditions and results of my experiments with more details.

Functions of Alage

Recently, algae both macro and micro algae have received considerable attention due to their increasing economic importance as source of biochemical, drugs and bioactive compounds and their functions as a healthy and safe alternative source for food additives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and so forth.

Until now, among different types of algae, a few species have been identified to be useful for commercial application. Therefore, identification and characterisation of algae are Still relatively new scientific areas and need more searching and evaluating.

Here, you can find some applications of algae in various industries. As components and functions of algae are very extensive, I have brought just some important and remarkable applications of algae on the below table.

Some sources to get more information:

  1. Stengel et al., 2011. Algal chemodiversity and biodiversity
  2. Gomes et al., 2008. Molecular mechanisms of anti-inflammatory activity mediated by flavonoids
  3. Galasso et al., 2019. Microalgal derivatives as potential nutraceutical and food supplements for human health: A focus on cancer prevention and interception

Welcome to PotentAlgae

Welcome to Potent Algae ” the potential application of algae and some information about my research plan”.

As microalgae are abundant all around the world and even most of them are cultivated easily, they can be a huge and economically (cost-effective) source to produce different productions for human, plants and animals. Cryptophytes , one of the major groups of phytoplankton, are unicellular flagellates with more than 20 genera comprised of 200 species. They are important primary producers in freshwater and marine habitats. However, the study of high value materials synthesis in cryptophytes is still at the first stage.

As a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, my research aims to identify some bioactive compounds of cryptophytes and their commercial applications. Accordingly, I will assess optimal growth condition and the quantity and quality of some productive components of cryptophytes under divers exprimental conditions.

This page gives me a great opportunity to keep you all updated on my research, and enlighten everyone to the importance of microalgae especially cryptophytes.