Welcome to PotentAlgae

Welcome to Potent Algae ” the potential application of algae and some information about my research plan”.

As microalgae are abundant all around the world and even most of them are cultivated easily, they can be a huge and economically (cost-effective) source to produce different productions for human, plants and animals. Cryptophytes , one of the major groups of phytoplankton, are unicellular flagellates with more than 20 genera comprised of 200 species. They are important primary producers in freshwater and marine habitats. However, the study of high value materials synthesis in cryptophytes is still at the first stage.

As a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, my research aims to identify some bioactive compounds of cryptophytes and their commercial applications. Accordingly, I will assess optimal growth condition and the quantity and quality of some productive components of cryptophytes under divers experimental conditions.

This page gives me a great opportunity to keep you all updated on my research, and enlighten everyone to the importance of microalgae especially cryptophytes.