Professor John T. Jost

John T. Jost is Professor of Psychology and Politics, and Co-Director of the Center for Social and Political Behavior at New York University. His research focuses on stereotyping, prejudice, and political ideology, and he has received widespread recognition for his work on system justification theory.

Professor Judith Pallot

Judith Pallot is emeritus professor in Soviet and Russian geography at the University of Oxford. Currently Pallot is working as a research director at the Alexanteri Institute at University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on agrarian transformation in post-Soviet Russia and the geography of penality in Russia.

Professor Risto Kunelius

Professor Risto Kunelius is the director of Helsinki Inequality Initiative at the University of Helsinki. Kunelius has earlier served as a professor of journalism research and the Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities at University of Tampere. His research focuses on media and politics, public debates about privacy and security and the coverage of climate change.