Research in the Time of Challenges: Searching for Methodological and Theoretical Horizons

24-25 Oc­to­ber 2022 – University of Helsinki, Fin­land

The 9th Annual Conference for the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences & the Doctoral Programme in Political, Societal and Regional Change explores horizon-raising methodological and theoretical approaches in response to contemporary challenges and their outcomes.

During this time of pandemic, we have seen further evidence that we live in a globally connected world; our overreliance on economic growth and increasing levels of consumption have resulted in new challenges, including the rise of authoritarianism, climate change crisis, social and spatial polarization in urban and rural areas, socio-economic inequalities, and increased racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination. Homelessness, precarious working conditions, a lack of access to food, and violations of human rights are global outcomes of these challenges. The critical role of social scientists lies in their constant engagement with these social, economic, and political changes. Thus, our goal at this conference is to stimulate a discussion on enhancing theoretical vantage points and methodological innovation in an era of challenging times.

Our 2022 conference will be held in a hybrid format. You can check the guidelines for the abstract submission and access the submission form here.

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