DAY 1 (Monday 24 October)

9.15–9.30 Morning Coffee (Metsätalo, 3rd Floor)

9.30–9.45 Welcome and Opening Remarks (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

9.45–11.45 Panel A and Panel B

Panel A: Positionality of the Researcher in Open and Restricted Settings and Research at the Time of Conflict (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

  • Tiina Hyyppä: Objectivity and Positionality in Conflict Research 
  • Maija Koivisto & Katsui Hisayo: Signed Memories Research Project – Ethical Questions in Interviews and Solutions 
  • Janne Lehtonen: Crises as Tools of Politics and (de)Politicizations 

Chair: Maria Fedina and Topi Saha
Discussant: Professor Adrian Blau (King’s College London), a professorial fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Panel B: Future Directions for Research – Social Imaginary and Analyzing Societal Transformations (Metsätalo, Hall 4)

  • Maija Larkio: Dismantling, Deconstructing and Reperceiving Otherness: Approaching Racism with Young People in Finland 
  • Joonas Pörsti: Social Imaginary of the Radical Right: A Methodological Approach 
  • Joonas Timonen: Reactionary Impulses or Visions of the Future: How to Study Cultural Legitimation of the Radical Right 
  • Yi Yuan: Life in Marginality and Double Ambivalence: Lived Experiences in a Transnational Social Field of Chinese Degree Students in Finnish Universities 

Chair: Xinwei Zhang
Discussant: Annastiina Kallius, Doctoral Researcher, Anthropology (UH) 

11.45–13.00 Lunch, Coffee, and Networking (Metsätalo, 3rd Floor)

13.00–14.30 Panel C: Digital Media Analysis and Digital Research (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

  • Keshia Dsilva: Guardians or Obstructors of Justice? An Exploration of the Police’s Role in Responding to Gender-Based Violence in India  
  • Paula Marques: To Review or Not to Review? Online Consumer Review Websites’ Consequences  
  • Fabienne Valmond: Trying to Conceive in the Digital Age: A Digital Ethnography of Online Fertility Forums 

Chair: Xu Zong
Discussant: Dr. Kari Karppinen, University Lecturer, Media and Communication Studies (UH) 

14.30–15.00 Afternoon Coffee (Metsätalo, 3rd Floor)

15.00–16.15 Keynote by Dr. Mine Islar (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

Between Scholarship of Emergency and Hope: Insights About Doing Environmental Justice Research in Time of Climate and Ecological Challenge

Dr. Mine Islar, Associate Professor in Sustainability Science and Director of the PhD School at LUCSUS.  

DAY 2 (Tuesday 25 October) 

9.15–9.30 Morning Coffee (Metsätalo, 3rd Floor)

9.30–9.45 Welcome and Opening Remarks (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

9.45–11.15 Panel D and Panel E

Panel D: Positionality of the Researcher in Interdisciplinary Research (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

  • Pasqualina Eckerström & Helmi Halonen: Don’t Say My Name! The Ethical and Emotional Burden of Working with Sensitive Data 
  • Mikael Kivelä: Maps as Epistemic Artefacts in Interdisciplinary Work 
  • Barış Can Sever: Agrarian Justice and Migratory Movements as a Multifaceted Process Under the Impacts of Climate Crisis 

Chair: Toni Nieminen
Discussant: Dr. Michiru Nagatsu, Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy (UH) 

Panel E: Radical Epistemologies and Future Directions (Metsätalo, Hall 4)

  • Tatu Matilainen: The Human Responsibility to Communicate Animal Suffering: A Theory of Moral-Communicational Status  
  • Mariia Prystupa: Of the Transforming Local Labor Communities: In Search for a Conceptual Frame
  • Katri Vihma: On the Possibilities and Preconditions for Realising Dialogues Across Epistemological and Ontological Boundaries 

Chair: Roman Urbanowicz
Discussant: Tuomas Tammisto, Grant-funded Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences (UH)

11.15–12.30 Lunch, Coffee, and Networking (Metsätalo, 3rd Floor)

12.30–14.00 Panel F and Panel G

Panel F: Scholar Activism (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

  • Ali Ali: Community (Politics) by Accident or Design
  • Joey Ayoub: Hauntology and the Lebanese crises
  • Aino Korvensyrjä: Studying State Violence in the Long Aftermath of 2015: Deportation and Black Migrant Struggles in Germany

Chair: Jiachen Ye
Discussant: Dr. Sinem Kavak, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund University 

Panel G: Data Analysis and Models (Metsätalo, Hall 4)

  • Enrico Nichelatti: A Fiscal Approach to the Social Contract in Sub-Saharan African Countries 
  • Henri Wiman, Carmen Antuña-Rozado & Markos Xenakis: Dynamics Over Precision: Simulating Post-Growth Institutional Transitions  
  • Xu Zong: Identifying Predictors of Mental Health of the Elderly During COVID-19: A Machine Learning Approach 

Chair: Dr. Christal O. Spel 
Discussant: Dr. Ossi Ollinaho, University Lecturer, Global Development Studies (UH)

14.00–14.15 Afternoon Coffee (Metsätalo, 3rd Floor)

14.15–16.15 Workshop: Academic Writing and Publishing Q&A (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

  • Professor Sergio Sauer, Visiting Scholar from the University of Brasília, Editor of the Journal of Peasant Studies 
  • Professor Anja Nygren, Director of the Political, Societal and Regional Change Doctoral Programme (UH) 
  • Professor Petri Ylikoski, Director of the Social Sciences Doctoral Programme (UH) 
  • Dr. Özlem Celik, University Lecturer at Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki and the Academic Leader of the 9th Annual Conference (UH). 

16.30–17.30 Roundtable and Closing (Metsätalo, Hall 6)

After the event, feel free to join us for drinks and some casual socializing at the Thirsty Scholar, just a stone’s throw away from Metsätalo.